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Ready for Brexit

Our Brexit project team has laid the foundations for a well-functioning, secure logistics network from and to the UK. However, many companies that rely on the smooth transport of their products have yet to do their Brexit homework. These businesses need to make these preparations now if they want to keep their goods moving.

Ready for Brexit
Ready for Brexit

On 24.12.2020, an agreement on future cooperation and trade was concluded between the EU and the UK.

A key point is that no customs duties are to be levied between the EU and UK for deliveries of goods from both territories. However, this does not mean that administrative customs clearance will be eliminated. Thus, all documents and customs relevant information have to be submitted by our customers in advance. In particular, proof of preferential origin of goods should be provided. Only after the shipment has been released by the DACHSER customs team can it be accepted for shipment.

This applies since 01.01.2021 for all shipments between the EU and UK, only shipments from the EU to Northern Ireland are excluded.

Customs clearances must be sorted out in advance of shipment

Two years ago, we put in place a Brexit project team possessing all the skills and expertise required to ensure that our customers’ goods can continue to flow securely from and to the UK in 2021 and beyond. Due to the uncertain progress of the talks, our team of experts had to develop suitable concepts and solutions that would help ensure the smooth transport of goods whatever the political outcome, covering every conceivable Brexit permutation. We have increased the staff in our customs teams, particularly in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, so we are well prepared for the additional workload created by the customs clearance administration. In addition, we created new IT solutions that allow our customers to securely and efficiently manage customs procedures. But the active participation of our customers is vitally important in ensuring that customs processes are handled securely and with maximum efficiency. It is only by acting hand in hand with our customers that we can optimize our efforts and fulfill all customs requirements, so that network shipments can be transported without any hiccups. An important part of this is checking in advance whether shipments fulfill all customs requirements for transport from and to the UK in order to prevent unpredictable holdups at customs stations. In particular, the completeness and quality of customs documents are an essential prerequisite for the processing of shipments. After all, the secure functioning of the network is of paramount importance for us and our customers.

The right preparation is key

To find the perfect solution for your shipments, it is vitally important that you make thorough preparations. Here is a list of the most important tasks you need to carry out to support us in the efficient handling of your order:

  • Apply for an EORI (Economic Operator Registration Identification) number in the country in which you want to carry out customs-related activities. You can apply for a UK EORI number via the following link: Click here to make an immediate application for an EORI number online. You can apply for EU EORI numbers via the respective local customs websites. 
  • Create a commercial invoice with all customs-relevant information. You are welcome to send this in advance to your local DACHSER branch, who will check it for you.
  • Agree Incoterms with the trading partner. You can find all relevant information about Incoterms here.
  • Find the TARIC code here.
  • Find the UK commodity tariff number here.
  • Please send us the contact details of your customer (importer) in the country of destination, including their name, e-mail address, and phone number, so that we can clarify the customs clearances with them.
  • Please clarify with your customer (importer) in the UK whether a simplified declaration procedure (Entry in the Declarant’s Records, EIDR) or if they intend to use the clearance service of DACHSER. 
  • If your customer (importer) intends to use the clearance service of DACHSER please clarify if they have their own deferred account to pay for any import taxes and duties that may be due to HMRC.
  • Only use packaging material that meets the ISPM 15 standard. You can find relevant information here.
  • Observe the specific labeling requirements for certain products. You can find relevant information here.
  • Talk with your tax consultant about the taxation requirements in the country of departure/destination. This is necessary when using the shipping terms DDP and EXW in particular.
Note: Without authorisation, we cannot handle your customs clearances

So that we can properly carry out the import and export customs procedures on your behalf, we need a corresponding customs representation authorisation (CRA) or power of attorney (POA). This authorisation creates the legal basis that allows us to act on your behalf in dealings with local customs authorities.

Note: To prevent any transit delays, we must have your CRA/POA prior to accepting the shipment. You can obtain the relevant forms from your DACHSER branch.

This advance check helps secure the flow of your goods

For all shipments, we check for completeness the documentation required for customs clearance. This prevents any delays due to missing documentation. To secure your shipment, we require from you:

  • The following documents: commercial invoice / pro forma invoice, delivery note, packing list 
  • Please check whether the documents contain all essential contents required to fulfill customs clearance. The following information must be present on the commercial invoice: general invoice data, the EORI number of the parties involved in the commercial transaction, consignee/shipper with contact details, number and type of packages, detailed description of goods, TARIC code, value of goods, net/gross weight per TARIC code, total net/gross weight of the shipment, number of packages and country of origin as well as the currency. Please make sure that the data quality of your information is correct. The data must match the physical shipment.
  • In the case of new customers, we additionally require the importer’s contact details (name, e-mail, phone number); please advise your importer that DACHSER will be getting in contact with them.
DACHSER will provide these services for you
  • To ensure that customs procedures run smoothly for customer shipments, we solicit the requisite data and documents from you in advance.
  • To be able to handle customs for you, we have considerably strengthened our customs team, particularly in the UK and Ireland.
  • To prepare for the contingency of serious congestion on main routes, we planned alternative transport routes well in advance, including for shipments to Ireland.
  • We are using new IT solutions developed in-house to design secure and efficient customs clearance structures.
  • To be able to manage the additional tasks surrounding Brexit, we have set up an internal project team.
  • Should you require warehouse solutions in the UK or the EU, please contact your DACHSER branch. A customs warehouse solution is also possible where needed.

The following links provide useful information about the main Brexit topics and tasks:

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Commercial invoice

You can download our chechlist on a properly issued commercial invoice here.


Brexit checklist

Here you will find a quick overview of the important Brexit To-dos (see download).