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Foreign Trade Compliance – Customs and security in your supply chain

To enable us to handle your global trade in legal and organizational terms, DACHSER offers a variety of services along the supply chain. In the context of foreign trade compliance, for example, our experts will support you in complying with global customs and safety regulations and safeguarding your flow of goods. We work in active partnership with you right from the start. This includes keeping you up-to-date on current and relevant transport and customs security initiatives.

When it comes to air freight transport, security is now of central importance. As security becomes increasingly complex, we help you to comply with all legal requirements for secure supply chains. The logistics processes at DACHSER are standardized worldwide and are constantly reviewed and audited by independent bodies.

For imports into the USA in particular, global transport companies have to contend with particularly strict safety regulations, as the customs authorities have tightened their legislation in the interest of counter-terrorism. Our customs security experts are well-trained in the process and can help you get your goods into the USA quickly and safely. By fulfilling all commercial requirements correctly, we enable you to meet delivery deadlines and avoid fines, damage to your reputation and even imprisonment.

Services for secure flow of goods worldwide

DACHSER 10+2-Service

To comply with 10+2 Filing, we forward the confidential shipment data to customs. To do this, we use a web platform approved by US Customs. We gladly take care of your 10+2 Filing, even if you contracted another service provider for your transport.

European aviation security

As a regulated agent, we help you comply with the secure supply chain and advise you in the context of your known consignor certification.

DACHSER USA: C-TPAT certification

DACHSER USA is C-TPAT-certified since November 2005. As a result, you benefit from simplified customs clearance and quicker processing at US borders.

Screening processing of your air freight

We have your air freight goods go through all the necessary security control measures.

Cargo Security Filings

We forward electronic customs shipment data according to the respective requirements of the receiving country of your shipment.

TSA Cargo Screening (USA)

According to requirements of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we take care of the screening of air freight shipments on passenger aircraft. This concerns all shipments on flights to the USA, from the USA, or within the USA. The control is performed at package level in Certified Screening Facilities (CCSF).

High-security seals

Whenever necessary and expedient, we use high-security seals during transport of your goods, which meet the required ISO/PAS-17712 certification standard. After loading, we attach high-security seals to all ocean freight containers going to the US. This prevents unauthorized access and makes manipulations identifiable.


With a comprehensive collection of measures to prevent attacks on ships and in ports, the ISPS code secures international supply chains in a particularly efficient way. In addition, port authorities have comprehensive control rights and authorizations, such as access restrictions, implementation of their own security processes, or isolation of the port area.

Security of dangerous goods

The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for the transport of dangerous goods by air and the International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods (IMDG) that regulates the international provisions on the transport of dangerous goods by ship are absolutely binding for us.

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), we enjoy full trust of international customs authorities. Therefore, as your logistics partner, we guarantee benefits in security-related customs controls, as well as simplified, faster customs processing.

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