Current market of qualified personnel in logistics

Logistics is a personnel-intensive industry. Especially in this sector, the situation on the qualified personnel market is currently getting tenser, which has made finding, training and retaining personnel in the long term a major challenge. With this update, we provide an overview of the current market situation.

The impact of the Corona pandemic has also been affecting working conditions in logistics, exacerbating the already existing shortage of trained professionals - especially professional drivers and warehouse personnel. Due to the separation of shifts, higher absenteeism rates or the increased precautionary measures, more personnel and equipment were required than before, which was also reflected in the costs incurred for personnel. Professional drivers in particular were also affected by closed restaurants, limited access to sanitary facilities at rest stops or congestion at borders. Despite these external influences, DACHSER was able to maintain a high level of quality during the pandemic through forward-looking planning.

Nevertheless, the shortage of driving personnel in particular remains an acute and future challenge, as the situation on the training market in the transport industry is also becoming more acute. The number of applicants and the number of training contracts concluded in the transport sector has already fallen dramatically. Many school leavers prefer to continue their education and/or study. Here, too, the pandemic is impacting the industry: Contact with companies has been significantly reduced as a result of the accompanying measures, and vocational guidance at schools has thus been reduced to a low level.

In order to counteract the shortage of qualified personnel and to achieve sustainable employee loyalty, DACHSER invests heavily in training and taking on young talents and further development of employees across all age groups. DACHSER is also making investments in modernizing fleets, digital support on tours, health offerings, and improved working conditions to maintain process quality.

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