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DACHSER launches new service providing UK exporters with frictionless EU market access

DACHSER have today announced the formal launch of their new Smart Border Connect services, connect40 and connect42. These services will provide UK exporters, shipping on DDP incoterms, with frictionless access to DACHSER’S quality market leading European groupage network which transported 65.7 million intra European shipments in 2023.
The new Smart Border Connect services: connect40 and connect42. Picture: DACHSER
The new Smart Border Connect services: connect40 and connect42. Picture: DACHSER
Commenting on the launch the UK and Ireland Sales and Commercial manager, Mark Cosgrove said:
“As more and more UK exporters chose to minimise the impact of post Brexit trading conditions on their EU customers by shipping on DDP incoterms DACHSER has developed a scalable, cost-effective solution, to meet this growing demand.” Mark Cosgrove, UK & Ireland Sales and Commercial Manager

Since Brexit DACHSER has created many bespoke customer DDP solutions, however Smart Border Connect is designed to give UK exporters, of all sizes frictionless access to what has always been its most important asset, Europe’s quality market leading groupage network.

Smart Border Connect was piloted at the beginning of February, and since then there has already been huge demand from both existing and new customers. Many have now taken the decision to renegotiate their existing DAP incoterms to DDP to take advantage of the fastest transit times in the market.

UK Export Market Perspective

“From an overall market perspective, we are entering an important new phase in post Brexit UK / EU distribution trends,” continued Cosgrove,  “Customs solutions are no longer the primary driver of customer procurement consideration, and we return to the historic logistics purchasing drivers of speed to market (i.e., transit times) and quality of service allied with competitive pricing.”

DACHSER is convinced that the new Smart Border Connect services will assist UK exporters in regaining and maintaining their competitiveness on an even playing field with their European competitors in what are incredibly challenging global economic conditions.

Presenting DACHSER’s latest DDP UK Export service innovation: smart border connect, where intelligent logistics meets seamless cross-border solutions.

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